#053: the hard part

Postcard sent to Ian Peter “Peeps” MacDonald, an old family friend.

Peeps is a serial entrepreneur. He was a couple of years older than me at The Edinburgh Academy, then he moved school to Ampleforth, where he became god pals with my future brother-in-law.

His dad and my dad were great friends. Peeps has worn many hats over the years, currently he’s running a Scots Highland microbrewery in Lochaber. My favorite story of his is, he was the chap who started printing famous paintings onto fridge magnets, then selling them in museum shops.

Art museum fridge magnets are pretty ubiquitous now, they weren’t back then.

As for the actual drawing: For most of my career, I had no idea where it was all taking me. Would I stay in advertising? Would I be a cartoonist? A writer? An entrepreneur? A marketing consultant? Who the hell knew? Not me.

So thirty years into it, here I am, doing my thing. Drawing pictures for clients, or drawing pictures for myself and my friends. Writing the occasional piece of copy, simply because no one else on the team can do it as quickly or easily as I can. And that’s about it.

After much zig-zagging, it seems that I have arrived, after all. I know Peeps can relate.

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