#051: meaning is a constellation

Postcard sent to my second cousin in Edinburgh, Martha Courier.

Martha is Catriona Courtier’s daughter. Her gandmother and my grandmother were sisters. She and my first cousin, Catriona MacLeod are great pals. We both have strong connection to Stonyburn. She’s a lovely lass, a real sweetheart, and like her mum, a bit of a bolshie and a feminist.

“Meaning is a constellation”. As in, we get our sense of meaning from more than one source. From religion, from our families, from art, from political causes, from our work and careers, it’s never ending, it’s always mutating. And if we foolishly try to get it from just one source, religion, say, or career, or science, or worshipping some pop star, it starts drying up really fast.

This explains why The Bible has so many books: one book simply is not enough.

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