Old work, circa 2010.

The christ within me is having a bad day…

I knew I would die free. I no longer cared what it would cost me.

Hi babe. I suck the life out of people like cream from a doughnut. What’s your phone number?

We are all haunted by our past. We are all haunted.

I wanted love and all I got was you whining about what you could’ve been.

I want people I care about. Failing that, I want to care about people.


Life is too short not to do something that matters. Linchpin.

Love doesn’t have a purpose. Love is purpose.

By the time he turned 29 he had run out of ideas. Except the one about staying young forever.

Stop being fucked. Start chaning the world.

I’m still waiting for this drawing to get good…

How can you believe in God if you can’t even believe in yourself?

I already did New York. It was boring the first time.

Forgive me father for I have not sinned.

Forgive them.

I fought the good fight, didn’t win shit but I’ll fight again…

God created everybody equal. Luckily, nobody actually believes it.

The human condition

Mediocrity sucks

Penguin bishop

“Do you swear on this here bible that the man you shot dead had it comin’?” “Yes, your honor.” “Excellent! Case dismissed.”

I was there when it all came apart…

I wish my heart was bigger so I could love you even more

Communing with the divine.

Decay decay decay decay decay decay decay decay decay

Loose ends by day. Dead ends by night.

Oh shit. Oh fuck. Oh shit and fuck.

If you piss in the soup for long enough, eventually it stops tasting like soup.

I don’t remember our time together much. I just remember being tired all the time.

Value add Value add Value add Value add

Are you talking or are you just shitting

Crucified then dead then hope.

Bring water to the desert…

Freebase creation.

It’s ok the be mediocre.

Oh no! I’m suddenly having a moment of clarity where my whole life makes complete sense to me!!!

Nobody cares

O lord please top boring me…

All life is prayer to the same god.

Are you alive? Prove it.

It’s dirty. It’s filthy. It’s wrong and I like it!!

I like being an easter island statue!

Stunned by the electric holy.

90% of corporate life is feigning interest.

I tried to do something meaningful with my life. Even if most of the time it felt like failure.

Hi, can I have another cup of harmonious fucking infusion, please?

Health insurance: When they scrape my body off the highway, they use the nice spatula.

If you have your health and can make a decent living doing what you love, then you have little cause to envy another person…

I’m dying and it’s not funny.

O lord increase my fai

The christ remained elusive.

Death makes love possible.

Die trying.

Fear and joy

What a lovely grain of sand you are. Too bad you’re lying on a beach.

He’d never be poor again. He didn’t care who he’d have to fuck over.

I’m not dying. I’m a consultant.

Dear God, pardon me while I project all my insecurities on you…

I’m selling hope. Buy some fucking hope, dammit.

Sing to me like the desert.

Another false god, tap dancing….

The utter terror of unfulfilled potential

All control is damage control.

I’m not angry at what you did. I’m angry at what you became.

Satan’s easy. Christ is hard.

Desperate measures call for desperate times…

Pardon me while I drown in your bullshit.

Light of light. Flesh of flesh.

Lusting for the phoenix

All searches for God end in failure.

Smug bastard!

Your sorry ass. Your wretched train wreck. Your elusive redemption.

A man who has time has no need for God.

Christ within me. Christ beside me. Christ around me.

Dear God, If it turns out that you don’t exist just letting you know I’ll be really pissed off….

Today I will exerience joy. I don’t care what it costs me.

When I sing my final death prayer you will be in it.

I have a pen, a fountain pen. I must create now. Yes.

Here’s a gun. The minute I become a slave again, please use it to shoot me.

Thank you for shrouding the everlasting light in temporary darkness, asshole.

“Straightforward kindness” works well in a world of endless human train wrecks…

What is holy. What is death.

My crazy tire is already down to the belts, and I don’t have a spare.

Rock of ages. Dust of ages.

Evil at work 500 yards

I’m not getting younger! I’m getting poorer!!

It’s not enough to succeed. Others must envy me.

Out of darkness. Out of darkness. INto his marvelous light…

Every time I tried acting normal it gave me the feeling that I was being poisoned…

She ate my soul. But at least she had one.

This is not a bed. This is an alter.

With despair all things are possible!

The human river never runs dry…

One day he just let go…

Love is almost as hard as forgiveness

Every time I make a new cartoon I’m throwing another starfish back into the water…

The closer we move towards God, the more human we become.

You broke my heart and it was… OK.