#hughcards Coffee Table Book: A brief but important letter to the hardcore “1,000 True Fans”of @hughcards & Hugh MacLeod

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Hi Everybody,

If you saw my Facebook post the other day, you will know that I’m going to be self-publishing my first big, coffee table book of “Hughcards”.

I don’t have a lot of info at the moment. What I do know is that it won’t be cheap, but it will be good.

For one thing, there is no inexpensive way to make a high-end coffee table book. Secondly, the downsides of making it too expensive far outweigh the downsides of making it cheap and cutting corners. Quality matters.

So we’re talking about limited edition hardback of a thousand, high quality paper, dust jacket, individually signed and numbered, all that high-end stuff.

I’ll probably be raising the money through something like Kickstarer or GoFundme.

[NB This project is produced independently of Gapingvoid, but not without their blessing.]

But before I unleash it on the world, I need to build a critical mass of people interested in supporting the project. My “1,000 True Fans“, as it were. I am hoping people reading this will be exactly that. I hope you will subscribe to this new Hughcards Coffee Table Book Newsletter and help get this project off the ground, Thanks.


Lots of Love,

Hugh MacLeod