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Seriously, if you want to make yourself useful to business right out of leaving college, as opposed to waiting tables until you’re 45, learn how to write well.

No, you don’t have to be a novelist or a journalist or a celebrity blogger to get paid. In fact, those are pretty effective ways to ensure that you don’t ever get paid.

But there is a HUGE need in most businesses for better communication, both internal and external. And that need, though very real, is mostly unmet.

A while ago, my company was looking to hire a writer to help us with our workload. So I emailed an old friend, a famous online publisher in New York with a nine-figure online content company, asking if he could recommend anyone.

“Are you kidding?” he said. “Good writers are rarer than hen’s teeth, even around here.”

Do the math. If a famous publisher finds good writers hard to find, how do you think the average company feels?

The truth is, most of the twenty-somethings in your average office haven’t been taught to write properly (I find this is especially true in the USA, compared to say, when I lived in the UK). But if you’re the one twenty-something in the office who has, you will soon find yourself regarded by management as irreplaceable. And they’ll fight tooth and nail to hang on to you.

So if you’re a college senior or recent graduate who’s all depressed because you decided to study the arts, English, or the humanities instead of accounting, business, tech, engineering, pre-Med etc, don’t be. I’ve just given you a clear path forward. Go for it.