[More thoughts on “Ignore Everybody”.]

Everybody reading this wants to make a difference. Of course we do. That’s been the human condition since Adam bit the apple.

(And while we’re on the subject, the human condition is not so much about every rose having a thorn, but every thornbush having a rose. Life is a thorn bush, and making a difference -i.e. Love- is the rose etc etc etc.)

And here’s the thing: Most people I know who wanted to make a difference, did so. It was just a question of having enough talent, stamina and discipline to last long enough, until the stars aligned in their favor.

Until that moment arrives, the big question everyone’s asking is, “Will I make it?”

But there’s a bigger question, I believe, which is “Yes, but for how long?”

Yes, your time in the sun, your time to “make it” will come (I already said that it would), but it does pass, and it does pass quickly.

Jimi Hendrix and The Doors and The Beatles and Van Gough and Modigiani and Keith Haring and Basquiat all had a handful of years, then it was all over. And in startups, hey, remember FriendFeed? Or MySpace? Or Gawker? Where are they now?

But some folk manage to keep it going. U2 or Rush or The Stones or Willie Nelson still manage to play large arenas after decades on the road. Companies like Apple, IBM and Microsoft have regenerated many times.

Joe Rogan went from being a second-or-third-tier sitcom funnyman to being the most interesting broadcaster/interviewer/podcaster/new media rockstar on the planet two decades later. He kept moving forward, re-inventing.

No real artist (or entrepreneur) wants their best work behind them. And the only way to prevent that from happening (or at least, prevent the worst bits of that from happening) is to keep evolving.

And the only way to do that, the only way to keep evolving and making a difference, is to keep giving. Giving the best part of yourself, with or without the prospect of reward.

But what does all that “giving” mean for you, exactly? You tell me. Others figured it out. You figure it out.

Sic transit gloria mundi.