[More thoughts on “Ignore Everybody”.]

When art is a hobby, you can afford to take your time. You’re only doing it for your own amusement, after all.

But once you turn pro, all that goes away. Especially if you get really successful, with suddenly everyone wanting a piece of you, like, *yesterday*.

So the only way to stay in the game at this level is to crank it out, in much the same way a short order cook cranks out burgers at a diner. Cheese, no cheese, medium, rare, hold the pickles, Yessir, right away, Sir!

In other words, yeah, being an artist is a job. And the more you treat like a job, with all the usual pros and cons, the easier it is to be successful and happy. It’s the prima donnas who treat every brushstroke like it was life or death who flounder.

Don’t let all that high-falutin’ arty-farty stuff slow you down. Get out there and start flipping burgers. Shut your mouth and get to work.