Letter to Jamie Byng, Cannongate Publishing, Edinburgh


Dear Jamie,

(An old schoolmate, the journalist Ian Fraser gave me your P.A,, Laura’s email address, I hope reaching out to you via her is OK.)

I’m an author and cartoonist, I’ve had three books published with Penguin Portfolio in New York, one a small bestseller.

According to Facebook, you and I have about a dozen friends in common. I grew up in Edinburgh.
I’m old friends of the Wolfe Murrays, and the film director, David Mackenzie is one of my best friends.

Anyway, I’m writing because I wanted to let you know about my latest project. For the last twenty years, I’ve been drawing cartoons on the back of business cards and then publishing them on my blog. With my partners we’ve managed to turn my cartoons and illustrations into a seven-figure business here in the USA, and I’ve also built up an archive of several thousand “Hughcards”, which you can see here:


My plan is to turn the best of this Hughcards collection into a massive coffee table book, high quality printing, with approximately one to two thousand of the best drawings.

I’m currently looking at printing and publishing options. I can certainly have it printed privately, but as this is not my expertise I thought maybe I should seek out a more experienced partner to collaborate with, hence this email.

I’d love to work with Canongate, if that ever became a possibility.

Either way, I hope you will give the cartoons a look. I know what you have done at Canongate and I am a huge fan.

Thanks for your consideration,

Kindest Regards

Hugh MacLeod