“Creativity” is a great word, until you try using it in business.

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“Creativity” is a great word, until you try using it in business.

Business types don’t like the word, “Creativity”; it has too much woo-woo for them. So they prefer using the word, “Innovation”. This is because Innovation implies a result, and business people are all about results.

But real creativity is not just about results; it’s also a process. “Innovation”, as a word, doesn’t quite do it justice.

This is why, when a young child starts doodling away on the tarmac with sidewalk chalk, we say she’s being creative, we don’t say she’s being “innovative”.

So what is the solution?

So far, there isn’t one. Instead, there’s just an unwritten rule in business that we use the word “innovation” when one really means “creativity”, and trust that people will understand your intent, most of the time.