Get yourself a Creation Myth


More thoughts from the #hughbook etc.]


1. A very dated-looking pho­to­graph from 1978. Ele­ven young, goofy-looking techies. They turn out to be the foun­ding mem­bers of Mic­ro­soft, inc­lu­ding Bill Gates.

2. Michael Dell foun­ding his com­pu­ter empire in his dorm room at the Uni­ver­sity of Texas.

3. Ben & Jerry’s star­ted making ice cream in a con­ver­ted gas sta­tion in Vermont.

4. The busi­ness guru, Tom Peters often wri­tes about how his time as a young man ser­ving in the US Navy hel­ped evolve his now-famous worldview.

5. The Beat­les pla­ying those early gigs at The Cavern Club in Liverpool.

6. The famous tech blog­ger, Robert Sco­ble tal­king about his job wor­king in a dis­count camera store, back when he was a kid, and how that informed his career.

7. How a bunch of young, angry social mis­fits start a small nightc­lub, the Caba­ret Vol­taire, in 1916 Zurich [at the height of World War One] and in the pro­cess invent Dada, one of the 20th Century’s most influen­tial art movements.

8. Abe Lin­coln was born in a log cabin.

9. Mssrs. Hewlett and Packard starting a elecctronics firm in a garage in Palo Alto.

So… What do these all have in common?

They’re all Crea­tion Myths. That’s right; just like The Gar­den of Eden.

We humans seem to need them, somehow. They manage to arti­cu­late who we really are, somehow. The help explain our core values, somehow.

And for wha­te­ver rea­son, REALLY suc­cess­ful peo­ple are even more likely to have them, even more likely to need them, somehow.

Does your sch­tick have a good crea­tion myth? If not, maybe it needs one?

Think about it.