Here’s great talk on how to run a creative business, by MailChimp CEO Ben Chestnut.

My big takeaway: Ben quotes Steve Jobs’ famous line, “Creativity is just connecting things”. But, says Ben, this only works if you *actually have THINGS to connect*.

And if want to have THINGS to connect, first you have to MAKE them.

You. Have. To. Make. Things.

You need to create a culture where people are actually spending their best hours actually building stuff, not just going to meetings and discussing “strategy”.

The other thing I came away with was how in order to have  results, first you have to have order. The bad news is, in order to do that, you also have to have chaos. It’s what’s called the Laws of Entropy.

Yet managers spend their whole lives trying to do away with chaos and uncertainty, even when they know they need it.

It’s a bit like the accountant who tells the publisher, “You should only publish bestsellers”, or “You should only write songs that will turn into hits records.”

But bestsellers and hit records are the RESULT; they are not the THING itself. And in the result-based world of business, that’s an easy thing to forget.

Anyway, in a world where most business talks are UNBELIEVABLY DULL, here’s one I hope you’ll find really inspiring. Thanks, Ben!