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When people ask me about email marketing,“Don’t people get enough email already?” seems to be the main question.

Well, yes and no.

When you think about it, email is really no different than snail mail.

Most of the time your snail-mailbox is flooded with “demands” i.e. bills, jury duty summons, junk mail and people generally asking you for time and money and energy. asking you for stuff. But occasionally you’ll get something really special, say, a handwritten letter from your beloved, a sweater that Granny knitted you, or that extra-super rare comic collection from Amazon. And you’re delighted when that happens.

These are “gifts”, as it were. And they’re the vast minority.

So, just as there’s a difference in the receiver’s mind between demand mail (too much) and gift mail (not enough), the same difference exists in e-mail.

People want gift mail (electronic, molecular or otherwise), they don’t get enough of it. They don’t want demand mail, they get too much of it already and it annoys the hell out of them.

The issue is, which one are you actually sending people?