Analogue vs Digital

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People ask me all the time, which do I prefer, analogue (ink on paper) or digital (my trusty drawing tablet).

Hard to say. Digital makes the day job A WHOLE LOT easier, ink & paper is more personal and intimate.

Both have their BIG TIME limitations, as all media does.

The way I work now is, I keep the business-card drawings mostly for those very quiet, personal moments, I keep the digital mostly for client work. But sometimes that changes.

One thing I have no trouble with whatsoever, is splitting my time in between “client work” and “personal work”.

“Client work” allows me to get get “out there” and into the world of working adults. Too much time spent on “personal work” makes me too self-absorbed and inward looking. I’m one of those guys who needs to get out more.

But then I’m also one of those guys who likes to retreat inward on occasion, and just contemplate the very persoanl, existential, quasi-religious stuff.

It’s a circle…