“Greetings from Tel Aviv”


Alan Weinkranz sent me this photo from Tel Aviv- one of the Rackspace Israel posters we did for them.

I’m not Jewish myself, but I’ve always been very pro-Israel; I was utterly delighted to draw something not only nice, but actually meaningful to people over there.

So much of marketing and communication is just about “why you should give me your money, right here, right now” i.e. short term transactional.

So on those rare occasions when it taps into something much larger and timeless (five thousand yearrs of history, say), it’s powerful.

i.e. Advertising & Marketing are the same as any other form of writing. The eternal truths generally hit A LOT harder than the latest fashionable ones. Don’t expect that to ever change.

[For those of you who don’t know Rackspace well, they work with A LOT of startups; it’s central to their DNA and it’s something they are very passionate about. So that’s where the idea for the drawing came from etc.]