Live drawing and public speaking in Banff, Canada

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 5.07.45 PM

This is a picture I took last week in Banff, Canada, where I had a live-drawing gig for the Western Canadian Realtors Association’s biennial meetup.

For those of you who don’t know what I mean by “Live Drawing”, it’s what I increasingly do for a living. Basically, I turn up to events, tradeshows and conferences, draw some pictures related to the event, then deliver a mini-keynote at the end based on the usual 20-or-so drawings I’ll compete by the end. The full pitch is here, over on gapingvoid.]

Banff was one of the best gigs I’ve done in a long time. The people were great, the location was great, the food was great, some of the speakers were amazing [Note to self- Scott Stratten is REALLY good at public speaking, he’s a real pro].

What did I kearn from the event? That it isn’t just Silicon Valley, Wall Street and MIT who care about the future of work. Realtors want to know, as well. So does every other industry.

It’s a huge opportunity, for those willing to take the time to look around. It’s a big world out there. [#futureofwork]

Special shout-outs go to Bill Madder, Teri Conrad, Jeph Maystruck, Scott Stratten amd Dori Lionello. Thanks for making it a special and amazing time.

[NOTE: Yes, besides the live drawing, I do quite a lot of public speaking. My speaker’s page is here.]