Update on The Marfa Project book.




[IMPORTANT: The book is going to be a very small limited edition, so if you think you might be interested in pre-ordering the book once it goes into production, click here to get on the list, and I’ll ping you when the time comes, Thanks.]

i. I’m working on a new book, a large coffee table book of all the best cartoons from The Marfa Project.

ii. While the work trundles along towards completion, I’m collecting a list of names of people who’d like the opportunity to buy the book, once it becomes available (hopefully by Christmas 2015).

iii. If you’d like to be on the list, click on the link above and I’ll sort you out, thanks.

iv. When the book is ready, I’ll let y’all know via email, and you can go pre-order the book right then and there.

v. If the list is big enough (the early signs are very positive that it will be), then the entire edition should sell out, pretty much on the same day that it debuts.

vi. What we’re seeing here is a relatively new publishing model in the Kickstarter vein, only more slow and deliberate than the latter i.e. building a Permission Asset BEFORE the product goes to market, rather than trying to build one AFTER one has spent one’s money.

vii. Now the hard part begins: selecting the thousand-odd drawings to go into the book, from the ten-thousand-plus drawings I have in the vault. It’s now mostly an editing and design job, not a sales and marketing job.

viii. Considering this is the most artistically ambitious project I’ve ever undertaken, it amazes me how relaxed I am about it. Just building it slow and steady, every day, not waiting to be “discovered” and hitting the publishing lottery, the way most book launches work. It’s a new era.

ix. I really do appreciate the support, thanks.