Page 92 (drawings from 1998)

Happy sad
happy sad

High art oblivion
high art oblivion

Ladder to success
ladder to success

Trying to explain his life
trying to explain his life


Paltry little probles
paltry little problems

Not famous
not famous

John Lennon
john lennon

Girls who don't want to have sex
girls who don’t want to have sex

I wonder why I can't get laid
i wonder why i cn get laid

Full animal care service
full animal care service

Faustain bargain
faustian bargain

Corner bistro
corner bistro matchbook

Bestselling CD
bestselling cd

Woman of my dreams
woman of my dreams

What non-New Yorkers have
what non-new yorkers have

untitled 01

What do I know
what do i know

untitled 02

Tomorrow our employees die
tomorrow our employees die

New Yorkers can forgive anything
new yorkers can forgive anything

The fool
the fool

Need something to endorse
need something to endorse

Language is interface
language is interface

Joy happiness pleasure
joy happiness pleasure

I want to be in love
i want to be in love

I had no life
i had to be in love

Page 91 (drawings from 1998)


Cartoons art shit
cartoons art shit

Every so often
every so often

Freedom to make a buck

Art movie
art movie 1965

Close cover before striking
close cover before striking

Driven by fear fuelled by sex.
driven by fear

Groovy chick
groovy chick

He kept wondering
he kept wondering

Loser booze void
loser booze void

Miss you
miss you

New York is the greatest city
n.y. is the greatest city

Psychotic love interest
psychotic love interest


Reenacting childhood drama
reenacting childhood drama

She made me feel young
she made me feel young

untitled 01

Tread the line
tread the line

Spiritual material
spiritual material

untitled 02

untitled 03

untitled 04

All he found were contacts
all he found

untitled 04

untitled 05

Page 90 (drawings from 1998)

Sodomy is forbidden
sodomy is forbidden

The love month
the love month

Totally fucked up life
totally fucked-up life

Tired of art
tired of art

Then get one
find out what a job is


untitled photo (me, dan and tina, rainbow lounge, chicago)


Loser friends
loser friends

I'm not deep
i’m not deep

Groucho scene
the groucho scene (n.b. the groucho club is a famous private social club in london, frequented by celebs, artists and media folk)

Her inner child
her inner child

untitled 01

We have issues
we have issues

untitled 02

Tedious prick
tedious prick

Moved to New York
moved to new york

Take your foot off my throat
take your foot off

King L.A. fuckhead
king l.a. fuckhead

If we didn't love eachother
if we didn’t love each other

I enjoy a challenge
i enjoy a challenge

Heard it before
heard it before

For many reasons
for many reasons

Act of faith
act of faith



Space created around it
space created around it

Smartass remarks
smartass remarks

Movie about the healing
movie about healing

Fucked up sax player
fucked up sazax player

Give me your money
give me your money

Do something great
do something great

Because you're an asshole
because you’re as asshole

Page 89 (drawings from 1998)

Your stocks have fallen
your stocks have fallen

All paths
all paths

Desire to transcend
desire to transcend

Glad he knew everything
glad he knew everything

I'm gown up.
i’m grown up

How to get laid in New York
how to get laid in new york

If it can't be commodified
if it can’t be commodified

I have a dark secret
i have a dark secret

Lofty ideas
lofty ideas

Pop offered her
pop offered him

Pretend you're the red sea
pretend you’re the red sea

Rotting in hell
rotting in hell

Stuff for morons
stuf for morons

untitled 01

untitled 02

A need to feed
a need to feed

Classified ad
classified ad


Four types of men
the four types of men

Fuck you
fuck you

Harry was an idealist
harry was an idealist

I feel your pain
i feel your pain

Jenniger Colyer

Me Kong

My father was rich
my father was rich

Nothing to say
nothing to say


untitled 02

untitled 03

Urban anxiety
urban anxiety