Page 81 (undated drawings circa 1999-2010)

[NB: The vast majority of the business-card drawings are dated on the back with both the month and year drawn; these ones slipped through the net etc.]

Artificial distinction
artificial distinction

Chad Proesle

Clever scathing remarks
clever scathing remarks

Except for the bloggers
except for the bloggers

For transformation
for transformation

Guy with office job
guy with office job

How men really communicate
how men really communicate

I'm not rich
i’m not rich

Interesting conversation
interesting conversationMeaningful ferment

meaningful ferment

money = sex
money equals venus

New York stress thing
new york stress thing

Sad fucking pathetic
sad fucking pathetic

Small business
there’s no such thing

Technology = education
technology equals education

The compelling whole
the compelling whole

3-D functionality
3D functionality

Too busy
too busy

untitled 01

untitled 02

untitled 03

untitled 04

untitled 05

untitled 06