Page 72 (drawings from 2004)

Celeb worshiping fatso
celeb-worshipping fatso

Fucking fucks
fucking fucks

Grey fuzzy clouds
grey fuzzy clouds

I've got a blog
I’ve got a blog

Moments like this
moments like this

untitled 01


Diet cooke is sexy
diet coke is sexy

He talks about movies
she talks about movies

Nothing to say
nothing to say

Perfect moment
perfect moment

Used to be quite interesting
used to be quite interesting

I'm creative
i’m creative

Nobody's ever heard of me
nobody’s ever herd of me

Not a drawing
not a drawing

Are you in movies
are you in movies

Fucked flower
fucked flower

I commute
i commute

Small poetic turds
small poetic turds

The french
the french

The less underemployed
the less underemployed

Boat or ship
boat or ship

Film industry
film industry

First day at Alcazar
first day at alcazar

If you really loved me
if you really loved me

A love that's unforgiving
a love that’s unforgiving

The more unrealistic
the more unrealistic

There is no art
there is no art

Welcome to the virus
welcome to the virus

Yak yak yak
yak yak yak yak

Young adam
young adam

Boring yuppie opinion
boring yuppie opinion


How dare you have ideas
how dare you have ideas

Maybe if I marry him
maybe if i marry him

Penis substitutes
penis substitutes

untitled 02

Yet in real life
yet in real life

Collaborate more often
collaborate more often

Fresh meat
fresh meat

People who ask that question
people who ask that question

Alignment theory
alignment theory

Cellphone dildo
cellphone dildo

Don't life in an echo chamber
don’t live in an echochamber

Frequent blowjobs
frequent blowjobs

Great thing about death
great thing about death

Spread your legs
spread your legs

untitled 03

untitled 04