Page 71 (drawings from 2003)

Before I ask you
before i ask you

Celebrity art collectors
celebrity art collectors

Lot's of low paid jobs
lots of low paid jobs

King Midas the second
kind midas the second

Blogging on the toilet
blogging on the toilet

Can I have your babies
can i have your babies


untitled 01

Before we started dating
before we start dating

Capitalism sucks
capitalism sucks

No longer believe in
no longer believe in

Your sad life
your sad life

All is vanity
all is vanity

Named my kid after him
named my kid after him

Prefered style
preferred style

Brought to you by
brought to you by

Blogging before 9/11
blogging before 9/11

How to make it as an artist
how to make it as an artist

Their own secret language
their own secret language

All she really wanted
all she really wanted

Between whining sessions
between the whinging sessions

Express myself
express myself

Oversized tic
oversized tic

untitled 02