Page 68 (drawings from 2001)

Curse of emptiness
curse of emptiness

Failed attempt
failed attempt

God with no love
god with no love

Nothing so deadly
nothing so deadly

Now that takes skill
now that takes skill

As the second plane
as the second plane

Career drone
career drone


Only look fat when you're naked
don’t look fat in that

The first thing
the first thing

Trophy out of you
trophy out of you

untitled 01

Yuppis with big houses
yuppies with big houses

Hitting on 300 girls
hitting on 300 girls

Living vicariously
living vicariously

Nobody cares about you
nobody cares about you

The better you blog
the better you blog

untitled 02

No you're not attractive
no, you’re not attractive

Escaping from boredom
escaping from boredom

It's culture
it’s culture

Media execs
media execs

Music was the only thing I had left
music was the only thing i had left

Somebody who sold his soul
somebody who sold his soul

untitled 03

We needed refuge
we needed refuge

Getting older
getting older

Pea-size brain
pea-size brain

The carcasses
the carcasses

The trranny
the tyrrany

Tried making plans
tried making plans

What ever gets you laid
what is art