Page 65 (drawings from 1999)

Create my own
create my own

Found what I was looking for
found what i was looking for

Fuck the americans
fuck the americans

My first duty
my first duty

Only as good as
only as good as

Scary couple
scary couple

Starting to look pretty good
starting to look pretty good

Too bad racism's wrong
too bad racism’s wrong

Faking the emotions
faking the emotions

Fourth streeet
fourth street

If she actually knew me
is she actually knew me

More than I liked her
more than i liked her

Perverse thrill
perverse thrill

untitled 01

Desperately hiding
desperately hiding

Disguised as intimacy
disguised intamacy

Euphemism for detente
euphemism for detente


Intensely private
intensely private

Outgrown it
outgrown it

Sexual tension
sexual tension

So out of it
so out of it