Page 52 (drawings 2009-2010)

Cheap rent good money
cheap rent

Endless tedium
endless tedium

Haunted by your past
haunted by your past

untitled 01

Fat dumb and useless
fat dumb useless

The real world
the real world

untitled 02

Valuable insight
valuable insight

Decisions were made
decisions were made

Going to meetings
going to meetings

Old age and oblivion
old age and oblivion

untitled 03

Satanic milner
satanic milner

Train wrecks on two legs
train wrecks on two legs

untitled 04

untitled 05

Christmas 2.0
christmas 2.0

Grand gesture
grand gesture

I want to be liked
i want to be liked

Refugee camp
refugee camp

Bad combo
bad combo

Culture is fluid
culture is fluid

Don't market engage
don’t market, engage

Looking for love
looking for love


Freebase Lester Young
freebase lester young

Haunted by beauty
haunted by beauty

Highly paid jackasses
highly paid jackass

Aspiring cartoonist
aspiring cartoonist

He was still unharmed
he was still unharmed


untitled 06

Freebasing shit
freebasing shit

Live each day
live each day

Old drunk
old drunk

untitled 07