Page 46 (drawings from 2009-2010)

Love is purpose
love is purpose

Run out of ideas
run out of ideas

Slamming into the wall
slamming into a wall

Fought the good fight
fought the good fight

Slave to an idea
slave to an idea

The ideal the reality
the ideal

Work-live balance
work-life balance

Dream of building something
dreams of building something

Beautiful enigma
beautiful enigma

Crazy tire
crazy tire

Power within
power within

Tired all the time
tired all the time

Talking about nothing
talking about nothing

Three easy payments
three easy payments

Unrealized potential
unrealized potential

Watch other people
watch other people

Are you alive
are you alive

Feigning interest
feigning interest

Felt like failure
felt like failure

Health insurance
health insurance


Imaginary painting
imaginary painting

Like an engine
like an engine

Out of my brain
out of my brain

Angry at what you became
angry at what you became

Deeply fascinating
deeply fascinating

Plastic dreams
plastic dreams

The love never dies
the love never dies

Dreams you want the most
dreams you want the most

Eperience joy
experience joy

Go into debt
go into debt

Play it safe
play it safe

Damage me
damage me

Dust of ages
dust of ages

Nothing came easy
nothing came easy

Weak and vain
weak and vain