Page 43 (drawings from 2008-2010)

Not ready to die yet
not ready to die yet


So inspired
so inspired

untitled 1 (on cardboard)

Alone and burnt out
alone and burned out

I want to be a consumer
i want to be a consumer

Penguin Bishop
penguin bishop

Truth beauty form function
truth beauty form fiction

Being a shit
being a shit

Being in meetings
being in meetings

untitled 2

Watching me tapdance
watching me tapdance

Crucified then dead
crucified then dead

Forward christian stallions
forward christian stallions

I want to be unblocked
i want to be unblocked

Nobody cares
nobody cares

Assimilated negro
assimilated negro

Money sex New York
money sex new york

Movie about choices
movie about choices

Selling myself
selling myself

After I'm dead
after i’m dead

Content wants to be porn
content wants to be porn

Totally stupid
totally stupid

untitled 3

Not getting older
not geting older

Shot a man in Reno
shot a man in reno

untitled 4

You have to value them
you have to value them

harry’s tinaja

Mediocrity is cancer
mediocrity is cancer

What is holy
what is holy

Where all the boredom went
where all the boredom went

Corps are good
corps are good

Corps are good(back)
corps are good (back)

No longer this person
no longer this person

She ate my soul
she ate my soul

Shit and fuck
shot and fuck