Page 37 (drawings from 2009)

We sang once 
we sang once

I don't love you anymore
i don’t love you anymore

I just wish I was better at it
i just wish i was better at it

Reality of death
reality of death

I'm successful fuck you
i’m successful

It's alright to cry
it’s alright to cry

Life is not baseball
life is not baseball

Change your game
change your game


Restaurant and bar industry
restaurant and bar industry

Changing the game
changing the game

Love me in small moments
love me in small moments

Zen me baby
zen me baby

More intellectually honest
judged by god


What I want to draw
what i want to draw

Billionare artist celeb
billionaire artist celeb

I can make you love me
i can make you love me

Change the game or get out
change the game or get out

I was alive once
i was alive once

The more capable of loving you
the more capable

Becoming the person you were born to be
the person you were born to be

Full of positive energy
full of positive

The only game is to change it
the only game is change it

Escape clause
escape clause

Video nasty
video nasty

Yuppie scumbag
yuppie scumbag

Be there for me
be there for me

Failure is my muse
failure is my muse

My own private jerusalem
my own private jerusalem