Page 36 (drawings from 2009)

Are we extinct yet?
are we extinct yet?

Social object
social object

Somebody love her
somebody love her

I did it
i did it

Permanently etched
permanently etched

You can't fake drive
you can’t fake drive

Fuck Charlie Parker fuck
f charlie parker f

God Wants you to be Famous!!!
god wants you to be famous

Great american pussy
great american novel

Era of consumer moron
the era of the consumer moron

Mediocrity rocks
mediocrity rocks

Triumph over adversity
triumph over adversity

Full of fear
full of fear

I'm clever and say the right things.
i’m clever

Saint cunt
saint cunt

Scotland needs cunts
scotland needs cunts

The moment that you give up
the moment you give up

Are we our potential?
are we our potential

I saw your soul
i saw your soul

Please please please
please please please

A to B
a to b

Into excellence
into excellence

Waiting for his life
waiting for his life

Human weakness
human weakness

I'm not delusional
i’m not delusional

Life fell apart
life fell apart

Actions speak louder
actions speak louder

The stain of promise
the stain of promise

Eat pussy drink beer
eat pussy drink beer

Internect connection and an opinion
internet connection

We should talk about it
we should talk about it

Alluring power of safety
alluring power of safty