Page 35 (drawings from 2009)

My last words
my last words

This is all I have
this is all i have

Life is too short
life is too short

Babies don't make themselves
babies don’t make themselves

He liked drugs too much
he liked drugs too much

I feel you smiling
i feel you smiling

She needed to find a husband
she needed to find a husband

Dead moments of the past
dead moments of the past

I want to be
i want to be

The more I love you
the more i love you

Pregnant with bullshit
pregnant with bullshit

compassion is expensive.
compassion is expensive

Being creative isn't hard
being creative isn’t hard

He wanted to be interesting
he wanted to be interesting

I believe in you
i believe in you

While we were making love
while we were making love

socially enabled

Needs hope needs sex
need hope need sex

How do you know
how do you know

I'm a yankee
i’m a yankee

I survived web 2.0
i survived web 2.0

I'm not delusional
i’m not delusional

Die trying
die trying

Be my cathedral
be my cathedral

Made a lot of stupid mistakes
made a lot of stupid mistakes

Map of utopia
map of utopia

What happens to people like you
what happens to people like you

He never fucking stops talking
never f stops talking

God wants you
god wants you