“Millionaire Or Artist”, July, 1998

millionaire 2 1305

“millionaire or artist”. drawn in new york, july, 1998. my father used to call this one, “hugh’s autobiography”.

Early New York drawings from 1998


Circa early 1998, when I had been in New York only a few months etc.


Page 20 (2012 drawings)

[All drawings are from 2012]

Choose one of the following
mastery formula

Happy thoughts
happy thoughts

Mastery for money
when a man gives up his mastery

untitled 20a

Righteously indignant
righteously indignant


Ambition is for amateurs
ambition is for amateurs

Strangers have you
strangers have you

Old tired canoe
old tired canoe

Shitty little life
shittly little life

Page 19 (2012 drawings)

[All drawings are from 2012]

Brine of mediocrity
brine of mediocrity

Reign in hell
reign in hell

Trop de haute couture
trop de haute couture (la france)

Poor and dead
poor and dead

untitled 19a

Insane ambition
insane ambition

untitled 19b

Just keep working
just keep working

Not be a douchebag
not be a douchebag

Culling years
culling years

Wrong class
wrong class

Your own adventure
your own adventure