Page 32 (drawings circa 2009-2010)

Evil at work
evil at work

I want people I care about
i want people

Somebody's daughter
somebody’s daughter

I'm in a hurry
i’m in a hurry

Time to be inspired
time to be inspired

Chaos stress
chaos stress

I wanted wings
i wanted wings

I suffered
i suffered

I write self help books
i write self-help books

Art is vanity's valet
art is vaniuty’s valet

Life is good
life is good

Now that you love me
now that you love me

Personal brands
personal brands

I like recessions
i like recessions

The only people
the only people

Dear God
dear god

Talking about our relationship
talking about our relationship

My work is shit
my work is shit

The eternal war
the eternal war

The human river
the human river