Page 31 (drawings circa 2008-2009)

Liberation from oneself
liberation from oneself

What people say they want
what people say they want

I want to believe
i want to believe

Seeking out warm flesh
seeking out warm flesh

God wants you awake
gods wants you

Everybody hates advertising
everybody hates advertising

The dream gets closer
the dream gets closer

If it doesn't cost you
if it doesn’t cost you


Blogging hierarchy
blogging hierarchy

Hard to be in the apple store
hard to be in the apple store

Blood on the land
blood on the land

Love me forever
love me forever

Dinosaur on the verge
dinosaur on the verge

Slave to google
slave to google

Beer is my copilot
beer is my copilot

I'm laughing at death
i’m laughing at death

Human flesh digital mind
human flesh digital mind

More scared of being wrong
more scared of being wrong

My dick is small
my dick is small

The quiet anger
the quiet anger