Page 26 (drawings circa 2008-2009)

(all drawn circa 2008-2009 etc.)

Normal is expensive
normal is expensive

Faith is incomplete
faith in incomplete

Need to be a prick
need to be a prick

Touch me
touch me

No rainbow
no rainbow

Haters never do shit
haters never do shit

No point getting stressed
no point getting stressed

Life is too short
life is too short

Hot hot internet
hot hot internet

It's dirty
it’s dirty

If I gave a shit
if i gave a shit

Searching for godsearching for god

Heaven is creation
heaven is creation

Tried and tried
tried and tried

Boring is evil
boring is evil

Old media
old media

British mortgage
british mortgage

Older and fatter
older and fatter

Life story
life story

The hope
the hope