Page 24 (cartoons from 2010-2011)

[drawings from 2010-2011]

feeling terribly important

God created everybody equal
god created everybody equal

Piss in the soup
piss in the soup

Lame assed-ness

Human train wrecks
human trainwrecks

Unfulfilled potential
unfulfilled potential

Talent free zombie
talent-free zombie

I am feeding
i am feeding

Make love to my imagination
make love to my imagination

Just wasting it
just wasting it

Everything is marketing
everything is marketing

Mundanity of evil
mundanity of evil

Two hundred mph
two hundred mph


psychological shrapnel
psychological shrapnel

Let go
let go

My life is complicated
my life is complicated

Crush your enemies
crush your enemies

Self-imposed limitations
self-imposed limitations