The Marfa Bag (Hugh’s portable studio etc)


1. The Marfa bag. A small, mili­tary sur­plus bag I bought at the Marfa Book Co. a couple of years ago. Lots of poc­kets. Nice and sturdy.

2. Vinyl busi­ness card wallet. Where I keep the dra­wings after I’ve com­ple­ted them. Ten dollars or so from Sta­ples.

3. Alu­mi­nium busi­ness card hol­der. Holds about fifty blank cards. Bought it at Muji in Lon­don circa 2006. All the cards are cut from Strath­more Bris­tol 300 Series.

4. Sil­ver Ipod Shuf­fle & headpho­nes. Good for bloc­king out unwan­ted noise etc. Bought that from the Miami Apple Store on Lin­coln Road. Current play­list con­sists of mainly Steve Reich and Mice Parade.

5. Moles­kine blank sketch­book. Don’t use it too much, but it comes in handy for scrib­bling stuff down on occasion.

6. A tin of Pep­per­mint Altoids. Always lovely to have.

7. Small X-Acto cut­ting mat. I don’t use it for cut­ting; I use it as a por­ta­ble dra­wing sur­face. Not too big so it’s good for dra­wing on small cafe tables and whatnot.

8. Koh-I-Noor Uni­ver­sal India Ink. Highly per­ma­nent. One small bottle lasts for months.

9. My pens. Bund­led with an elas­tic band. Four Kohi­noor Rapi­do­graphs [0.3mm & 0.35mm], One Paper­mate “Tuff Stuff” Era­ser Stick [good for clea­ning smud­ges etc].

10. Large plas­tic box of blank busi­ness cards. About 250 of them for backup.

And that’s it. Nothing else goes into the Marfa bag– I like to keep it as pared down as pos­si­ble. I see the bag as a sort of “por­ta­ble stu­dio”, which tra­vels with me everywhere I go. Sure, I use other things in my office– a Motion digi­tal tablet etc– but what fits into the Marfa bag is THE cor­ners­tone. This is where the adven­ture starts.

Thanks and Godspeed.